You Haven’t Heard Back One Week After the Interview – What’s Next?

You interviewed, delivered your thoughtful thank-you notice and now…it is only a chorus of crickets. What should you do?

That you wish to keep professionalism in any way times rather than seem dire.

The Day Following the Interview: Don’t Pause Your Job Hunt
However amazing any meeting goes, the day following you need to be right back on assessing job openings, sending out your CV, and attending neighborhood media events. A huge portion of the job hunt is all about always getting multiple irons in the fire.

One Week Following the Interview
Say that you need to get in touch and re-state your interest in the position and why you’re a good fit for this. In case you’ve got a brand new portfolio piece it is possible to reveal them, include it.

Two Weeks Following the Interview
If you are still getting radio silence, then think about sending a LinkedIn petition to the recruiter or hiring manager. Additionally, assess the organisation’s LinkedIn webpage and site to find out whether they’ve declared a new hire to your function. Otherwise, consider yourself still in the running.

Maybe you have been Candidate #2 and they’re currently negotiating with Candidate #1. A hiring freeze might have come down from over. The hiring supervisor may have gone on sudden leave.

In the conclusion of week three, send one last email.

Say, ‘I found that your business has [insert information item/website upgrade here]. Congratulations. It seems like it’s an exciting time to become part of your organization. When the [insert job title] place remains open and you want to know anything more about my expertise or background, don’t hesitate to get in contact.’

At this phase, it’s possible to move off this opportunity the ‘active listing.’ If an organisation doesn’t have the courtesy to provide you with any type of signal this way after the meeting, do you really need to work for these?

Hang back and don’t telephone or email. If they are not serving back it, take it and proceed. Do not burn any bridges by needing to ship a tetchy email. Remain gracious.

You will never know what can occur. They have chosen a candidate that will stop in 2 weeks and you are going to be back to their own radar. But since you have not slowed down your job hunt, you are more than prepared for another opportunity that stinks.